Hodder 'Say Ja' to Hygge in Christmas parody

Hodder 'Say Ja' to Hygge in Christmas parody

Hodder is bringing out a parody guide to hygge, the Danish lifestyle philosophy centred on the idea of "cosiness".

Say Ja to Hygge - described by Hodder as "parody at its very best" - will be released this November in time for Christmas, "authored" by Dr Magnus Olsensen, a fictional professor and "hilarious guide" to the concept, claiming to be from the Institute of Wellbeing in Aarhus.

The premise is Dr Olsensen has dedicated his career to researching the “science of warm feelings", and now - for the first time - is to combine all his findings, advice and questionable expertise into one agreeable volume.

A tongue-in-cheek synopsis of the book read: "Hygge (pronounced ‘huhhpg-ghuhrr’) is derived from the Old Norse words hig, meaning cosy, and ger, meaning fire hazard. It is, in essence, a state of mind. (One that is heavily dependent on candles.)"

Hodder's Dr Magus Olsensen said: "This book came about after a particularly hyggelig evening in December 2015. I had just lit my pleasing contemporary wood-burner and was sitting back, gløgg in hand, listening to Erik Erikeriksen’s classic drøn jazz album “Tepid in Taarstrup” (feat. Mads Jåp on oboe). I found myself reflecting on the fact that we are the World’s Happiest PeopleTM. Wasn’t it time, I thought, we shared our secret? I immediately called around three of the Institute of Wellbeing’s brightest young researchers: Freja, Olaf and Sofia. We sat together snug in my pure wool ‘foursie’, bathed in soft fire-light, and talked long into the evening. The idea came over us unexpectedly. We would publish a book, explaining hygge for the betterment of all mankind. I’m delighted that we have succeeded. And I hope our efforts will help you to find your own hygge-topia. Held og lykke!”

Hodder & Stoughton has world rights to Say Ja to Hygge!, commissioned by non-fiction publisher Hannah Black.

Black said: “Knowing an ‘årsfish’ from a ‘passivagressivhaus’, or a game of ‘Hej Dikwåd!’ from being in a state of ‘gørhorn’, has helped grow my hyggelig score immeasurably. Dr Olsensen has dedicated his life to his important calling, and you need look no further for your full hygge immersion. Snorts of laughter were heard across the Hodder office as the manuscript was passed around. This is parody at its very best.”

Say Ja to Hygge! will be published on 17th November.

Dr Magnus Olsensen is on retreat in his cabin near Skagen, according to Hodder, but can also be found tweeting @hyggedoctor.