Hodder removes Hilderbrand’s Anne Frank reference after criticism

Hodder removes Hilderbrand’s Anne Frank reference after criticism

Hodder has removed a passage from American author Elin Hilderbrand’s latest novel after criticism over its reference to Anne Frank. 

Hilderbrand's latest novel Golden Girl (Hodder), faced a social media backlash over a passage in which a character refers to Anne Frank.  A passage in the book reads: "You’re suggesting I hide here all summer?" Vivi asks. "Like…like Anne Frank?” 

The Massachusetts-based author, who has had 27 novels published, responded to the controversy on Instagram: “In a flashback scene in Golden Girl, p144, my main character Vivi compares herself to Anne Frank. I want to wholeheartedly apologise for this. It was meant as hyperbole but was a poor choice that was offensive and tasteless. I have asked my publisher to remove the passage from the digital version of the book immediately and from all future printings." 

She added: “Those of you who have read Summer of ‘69 will realise Anne Frank was a courageous young woman whom I revere, and her story remains deeply influential in my life.” 

Golden Girl will be published in the UK on Thursday (10th June). Hodder told The Bookseller: “We are removing the passage in question from the digital edition of Golden Girl  immediately, as well as from all future print editions.”  

Her American publisher, Little, Brown and Company, has done the same.

She had sold 57,313 books for £306,237, with her bestseller A Summer Affair (Little, Brown) shifting 18,781 copies, according to Nielsen BookScan.