Hodder to publish Veronica Roth's first novel for adults

Hodder to publish Veronica Roth's first novel for adults

Hodder & Stoughton is publishing Veronica Roth's first novel for adults, Chosen Ones, after striking a two-book deal.

Playing with the classic "Chosen One’ trope, the fantastical novel is described as bridging YA and Adult fiction in telling the story of five friends who as teens saved the world from a destructive figure known as the Dark One, and must now navigate adult life as celebrities. 

The plot for the book takes off on the tenth anniversary of the Dark One’s defeat something unthinkable happens: one of the Chosen Ones dies. The blurb reads: "When the others gather for the funeral, they discover the Dark One’s ultimate goal was much bigger than they, the government, or even prophecy could have foretold – bigger than the world itself, and they must reconsider what it means to be heroes – by destiny or by choice."

Commissioning editor Sam Bradbury acquired UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) to the novel in a two-book deal negotiated by Joanna Volpe at New Leaf Literary Agency. US rights were sold to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and a simultaneous publication is planned for April 2020.

Roth is best known as the author of the bestselling Divergent series and the Carve the Mark duology. Both were published by HarperCollins Childrens, which also released her collection of novella-length "stories from the future" last year under Katherine Tegen Books.

Roth said: "I am thrilled to partner with Hodder for the UK release of my first book for adults. Chosen Ones is the spiritual sequel to whichever ‘Chosen One’ story you grew up with, from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter to Dune, and as the author of a Chosen One story myself, with Divergent, it's a story that's long been in the making. It explores the question: what happens when the heroes who shoulder our burdens try to move on? I can't wait to share it, and I'm confident entrusting it to Hodder to reach readers around the world."

Bradbury added: "I’m ecstatic to be publishing Veronica’s first adult novel, and to be welcoming her to the Hodder & Stoughton family. Chosen Ones perfectly captures how it feels to second-guess the choices you have made – or have had made for you – and brilliantly twists the beloved ‘chosen one’ trope. The world Veronica has created does a brilliant job of bridging the gap between YA and Adult – in a way that should appeal to both her current fans and to many new readers as well – and I can’t wait to see this fantastic novel on shelves."