Hodder signs 'thriller'-like memoir of UK's leading forensic scientist

Hodder signs 'thriller'-like memoir of UK's leading forensic scientist

Hodder is publishing the memoir of "the UK’s leading forensic scientist" Professor Angela Gallop. 

The book will chronicle some of her most difficult and groundbreaking cases, as well as detailing her life in forensic science, to offer readers a rare glimpse into the world of forensics and the anatomy of crimes.

According to Hodder, Gallop is now the most sought after forensic scientist in the UK. She began her career in forensic science at the Home Office Forensic Science Service in 1974. It was a few years later she was sent to her first crime scene, which turned out to be one of the victims of the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. Other high-profile cases she has since been involved with include those of Damilola Taylor, Rachel Nickell and Stephen Lawrence.

Huw Armstrong, editor for non-fiction, acquired world rights all languages in the book, entitled When the Dogs Don’t Bark: A Forensic Scientist’s Search for the Truth, from Jane Smith at the Jane Smith Literary Agency to publish next year.

Armstrong said: "Angela has had a remarkable career and her relentless pursuit of justice has made her one of the most impressive forensic scientists in the UK. Her life has all the ingredients of a page-turning thriller and I’m so excited about publishing this book."

Gallop said: "My passion for forensic science has continued to develop for more than 40 years, and I am very excited by the prospect of being able to share it with other people in this book. It has been extremely difficult trying to select specific cases to talk about from the many thousands I’ve been involved with, but I hope the ones I have chosen help to illustrate the fact that, while real-life forensics is very different from some of what you see on TV, it is just as fascinating."

The hardback will be published on 21st February 2019.