Hodder to publish legal memoir from top judge Sir Richard Henriques

Hodder to publish legal memoir from top judge Sir Richard Henriques

Hodder & Stoughton has acquired former High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques' account of famous criminal cases: From Crime to Crime.

The book is not only a memoir but will relay 16 of the "most interesting and high-profile" cases that top judge Henriques has been involved with, including prosecuting James Bulger’s killers and serial killer Dr Harold Shipman.

He also presided over cases such as the Morecambe Bay cockling disaster, the transatlantic aircraft plot, and the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes. He was also in the news last year following his review of Operation Midland, which he was brought out of retirement to produce.

Henriques said he had written the book "in order to give an insight into the inner workings of our criminal justice process at a time of fully justified public scrutiny".

Hodder non-fiction publisher Rupert Lancaster acquired world English language rights from Martin Redfern at Northbank Talent Management saying: "The huge success of The Secret Barrister demonstrates the public’s concern with the way the legal system works. Each chapter of Sir Richard’s riveting book explores the unfolding human drama of a well-known case. The postscript, in which he shares his trenchant views on our current judicial system and his recommendations for improving it, is compulsory reading for everyone who cares about justice."

The book will publish in summer 2020.

It follows a similar format to Under the Wig by murder case lawyer William Clegg QC, which shifted 11,966 copies through the Nielsen Total Consumer Market. Other legal memoirs to have done well in recently include The Secret Barrister, which is on 350,727 copies sold across all editions, and Sarah Langford's In Your Defence, on 37,104 copies.