Hodder to publish Finnish approach to wellbeing

Hodder to publish Finnish approach to wellbeing

Hodder is publishing a memoir and guide to "Sisu", the Finnish approach to wellbeing.

The concept, described as "the simple and nature-inspired techniques Finns use to stay healthy and happy" and "a kind of everyday courage", was adopted by the book's author, journalist Katja Pantzar, 15 years ago. In this book, she will now show readers how they can embrace sisu. Key teachings advocate getting outside more - whatever the weather - and eating well on a Nordic diet.

Hannah Black, publisher at Hodder, bought world English rights from Elina Ahlback Literary Agency. Finding Sisu will be published in the UK as a hardback and e-book on 22nd March.

Hodder has sold rights in the US to Marian Lizzi at TarcherPerigee with a North American publication date of 26th July. Elina Ahlback Literary Agency has sold rights in 16 territories to-date including China, Japan, Spain, France and Germany.

Pantzar, the book's author, said: "When I realised what a positive impact practices such as winter swimming and cycling had on my overall wellbeing – how they reduced anxiety, stress and fatigue, for example – I started exploring different ways of self-care inspired by the Finnish lifestyle and sisu. I wanted to share what I have learnt because much of it is so easy and could really be beneficial to other people."

Black added: "I’m delighted to be publishing Katja’s inspiring account of finding sisu and how this age-old Finnish concept was to change her life. There’s real hope and meaning to be found in embracing our natural surroundings and using nature to build within us a special kind of resilience and courage. Now, more than ever, we could all do with some extra grit and strength and Katja shows beautifully just how simply we can achieve this."