Hodder to publish d’Ancona on 'why the old politics is useless'

Hodder to publish d’Ancona on 'why the old politics is useless'

Hodder & Stoughton has commissioned a new book from political journalist Matthew d’Ancona: Identity, Ignorance, Innovation: Why the Old Politics is Useless – And What To Do About It. 

In his new book, d’Ancona–former editor of the Spectator–will propose a new way of understanding the pathologies and crises of developed societies in the early 21st Century, as well as the opportunities of the post-Donald Trump era.

Hodder acquired world English language rights, including audio and serial rights, from Caroline Michel at PFD and will publish on 18th March 2021.

D'Ancona said: "I’m going to challenge the weary assumptions of Left and Right with equal vigour. I intend this book to be a call to arms in an age of political extremism, lazy populism and democratic torpor. We need to see the world through a new, tripartite prism: the ‘Three I’s’ of Identity, Ignorance and Innovation – all of which cry out for urgent analysis – particularly in the strange new world we’re going to be living in."

Non-Fiction publisher Rupert Lancaster commented: "This was already going to be a very important book when we commissioned it 12 months ago. Now Matthew is perfectly positioned to give us both analysis and guidance in our quest to understand a world that has been turned upside down buy Brexit, Covid – and a hugely controversial US election."

D'Ancona's last book was Post-Truth: The New War on Truth and How to Fight Back published with Ebury in 2017.

He was the Sunday Telegraph's political columnist for 19 years, and he also writes for the Evening Standard, the New York Times and GQ.