Hodder partners with Bentley for Bond special edition

Hodder has paired up with Bentley Motors to create an exclusive edition of the new James Bond novel Carte Blanche by Jeffrey Deaver, available to pre-order from today (26th April).

The 500 limited edition copies, each priced at £1,000, were designed by Bentley and consist of a polished aluminum case inspired by the new novel’s Dubai location, containing a white Nappa leather-bound book. The pages of each book contain a 9mm bullet individually marked with a number to make each copy unique.

Designer Brett Boydell, who collaborated with six others to produce the final design, said: “Bond destroys as well as he creates and saves. It was this element I needed to convey in my design.

"The reader has the excitement of finding the bullet housed in the centre of the pages with the text positioned so that the reading experience is undisturbed. I hope they find the book as exciting to hold and look at as the unfolding drama itself.”

Ian Fleming's super spy drove three different Bentleys over the course of his 14 novels, with a Bentley Continental GT to make an appearance in Carte Blanche.

Carte Blanche limited editions can be pre-ordered from today, exactly a month before publication date (26th May), at www.007carteblanchebentley.com.