Hodder buys three new Riches

<p>Hodder fiction editorial director Carolyn Caughey has bought three books in a historical series from debut novelist Anthony Riches.<br /><br />The first title, <em>Wounds of Honour</em>, is set on Hadrian&#39;s Wall in 181 AD and features a young Roman officer sent away from home after his family fall foul of the Emperor Commodus. &quot;The story has lots and lots of fighting, impeccable research and brilliant atmosphere too,&quot; said Caughey, who bought world English rights from Robin Wade of Wade &amp; Doherty.<br /><br />She added that Riches, who has a background as a territorial soldier, plans in later volumes &quot;to take the hero far and wide through the Empire during a really violent period in its history&rdquo;.<br /><br />Wounds of Honour will be published in trade paperback in August 2009.</p>