Hodder acquires Timmins account of Royal Marines training regime

Hodder acquires Timmins account of Royal Marines training regime

Hodder & Stoughton has acquired Becoming the 0.1%: How to Build an Elite Mindset by Gareth Timmins, a Royal Marines Commando recruit. 

Editor Cameron Myers acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Nick Walters at David Luxton Associates. Publication is slated for 26th August 2021. 

The synopsis reads: "Becoming the 0.1% is the first-ever diary account of the Royal Marines training regime, charting the odds-stacked journey of a 20-year-old recruit, and providing a psychological framework for understanding how to cultivate the mental strength and resilience needed to push through to success. Each week of training is accompanied by lessons on his shortcomings and growth to peak performance. It uses real-life and often terrifying experiences to describe to the reader the edge needed to cultivate a 0.1% mindset and succeed in life and work." 

Myers said: "There are so many people, including myself, who are fascinated with the idea of what it might take to reach your full potential. I think that Royal Marines Commando training and the provocative narrative provided in their '99.9% need not apply' slogan is a perfect example of this. I’m excited to be publishing a book that gives you a very real snapshot of what it really feels like to really push your body and mind to the limit."

Timmins commented: "It’s been an incredible journey to get here! Writing the diary in 2005, it would have been incomprehensible to think those raw recollections would now soon be out there for people to read. I am extremely proud of the final outcome and the 34 supporting psychological lessons. I feel very privileged that people will be able to finally read about just what it took to achieve the Green Beret, while they apply the insights to enhance their lives."