Hodder acquires Hot Feminist by Vernon

Hodder acquires Hot Feminist by Vernon

Hodder & Stoughton has acquired a “brave new perspective on feminism, fashion and the righteous pursuit of a sexy vibe” by journalist Polly Vernon.

In Hot Feminist, Vernon draws on "her own experiences of how ideas of womanliness and feminism are endlessly manipulated both in the media and society at large”, and argues for non-judgement.

Editor Hannah Black acquired Hot Feminist from Gordon Wise at Curtis Brown.

“This is the book I have long wanted to read,” said Black. “Polly Vernon is brilliant in her argument for female empowerment through inclusiveness, non-judgement and yes, feeling good about looking good. In a time of contradictory and relentlessly judgemental ideas about womanhood and what it now means to be a feminist, Polly is providing us all with an intelligent, relevant and ever stylish roadmap.”

Vernon said: “Hot Feminist is a celebration and an attempt to bring more levity to feminist proceedings, with fashion tips and tales from my misspent youth. I wrote it because no one else was writing it and I wanted to read it (though that might well say more about me than it does everyone else), and also because I was getting tired of the wrist slapping judgemental-ism passing itself off as feminism in some quarters (Twitter mostly). If the men can care about the Big things and also the football, the women can handle world events and skirt lengths simultaneously.”

Vernon has been a journalist for 18 years and now writes primarily for the Times and Grazia.