Hodder acquires fantasy trilogy

<p>Hodder has acquired three fantasy novels for a &quot;six-figure sum&quot; from debut author Daniel Polansky.<br /><br />Oliver Johnson, Hodder associate publisher, acquired British Commonwealth rights in the series from Chris Kepner of Victoria Sanders.<br /><br />The first novel, <em>The Straight Razor Cure</em>, will be published in autumn 2011 and followed by two other novels featuring the same hero, Simeon Dubois.<br /><br />Johnson said: &quot;We are delighted at this acquisition which announces Hodder&#39;s re-entry into the field of genre publishing after a gap of a few years. </p><p>&quot;<em>The Straight Razor Cure</em> is a stellar novel with some of the most creative and imaginative writing I have read in years.&quot;<br /><br /><br />&nbsp;</p>