Heron buys Liam Fox debut

Heron buys Liam Fox debut

Susan Watt's imprint at Quercus, Heron Books, is to publish a first book from Liam Fox, former secretary of state for defence.

Rising Tides looks at how globalisation is impacting on the world, and draws upon both his own experiences and those of some of his political contemporaries, including Tony Blair, Condoleeza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld.

Heron Books signed UK and Commonwealth rights from Ali Gunn at Gunn Media.

Susan Watt, publisher at Heron Books, said: "This is a really fascinating book, sharing with readers the inside story of recent international issues and how it felt to be in the headlights, but also full of new ideas and questions on how we could deal with these better in the future."

Quercus c.e.o. Mark Smith said: "As the world becomes more interconnected, national issues quickly become global and Dr Fox provides a deep understanding of how to respond to these challenges by drawing on his experience as a leading politician on the world stage."

Fox, currently Conservative MP for North Somerset, said: "I have immensely enjoyed the task of trying to set out a range of global issues in their wider context so that they can be examined outside the tribal environment that seems to afflict so much of our political discourse.

"We may not produce all the answers but I hope we can get people to ask more questions about the range of challenges and opportunities tomorrow's world will throw at us.²

The book will be published in September 2013.