Help for Heroes presses into action with real-life charity book

<p>HarperPress is rush releasing a book with military charity Help for Heroes featuring tales of British troops from the front line.</p><p><em>Real Heroes </em>was commissioned in August and will be released on 30th November in hardback priced &pound;9.99. It will feature introductions from Jeremy Clarkson and Ross Kemp with &pound;1 from every copy sold donated to Help for Heroes. The publisher is hoping to raise more than &pound;150,000 for the charity by Christmas.</p><p>The book features accounts of battles in Afghanistan by currently serving paratroopers as well as soldiers who have since retired from the Army. Decorated Apache helicopter pilot Ed Macy, who is also a HarperPress author, provides tips on what to do if missing in action or confronted with handmade bombs.</p><p>Senior editor Annabel Wright said the book was aimed at a wide readership. She said: &ldquo;There&rsquo;s a lot of military history out there but not as much that has true stories from the front line that are aimed at a younger readership. I think the book could appeal to teenagers as well as people in their fifties; the type of fan that reads Andy McNab.&rdquo;</p><p>Wright said that while there was a Boy&rsquo;s Own feel to the book, with several comic strips depicting the Army in action, the book also looked at those who have been injured in the line of duty. The title features accounts of what happens to injured troops and the rehabilitation process they go through. </p><p>Wright said: &ldquo;In reading the book, you will feel very strongly that it is sometimes the youngest guys who are paying the ultimate price on the front line.&rdquo;</p>