Heat-reactive cover for Viking's Touch

Heat-reactive cover for Viking's Touch

Viking is publishing a popular science book about the senses with a heat-reactive cover.

Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind by neuroscientist David J Linden (March, £16.99) is a new look at the sense of touch and its importance to human development and culture.

Joel Rickett, publisher at Viking, said: “It’s a reimagining of the hierarchy of our senses, making the case that touch is the sense that shapes us as humans and societies. The success of Do No Harm (W&N, March 2014) shows there is a real burgeoning interest in neuroscience. It’s great to see that there is an intelligent, engaged audience lapping up high-quality popular science.”

Viking has been working with printers Clays to create the entirely heat-reactive cover, and Rickett believes it to be a trade first for a mainstream book.

He said: “It was about how we could bring it to life but also as something for booksellers, by giving them something tangible as a reason for customers to touch and engage with the book.”