‘Heartbreaking' memoir of losing a family and gaining a dog to Hodder

‘Heartbreaking' memoir of losing a family and gaining a dog to Hodder

Radio presenter, podcaster and journalist Emily Dean is publishing a "heartbreaking" memoir, called Everybody Died, So I Got a Dog, with Hodder.

The book will publish as a hardback and e-book on 7th March after Rowena Webb, non-fiction publisher at Hodder, bought world rights from Catherine Gagon at Avalon Management.

Described as "a beautifully written, funny, heartbreaking story of love, loss and starting again", it talks about her relationship with her family, the sudden death of her 43-year-old sister, followed swiftly by her bohemian parents who passed on just three years later, and the healing role of her dog, a shih-tzu called Ray, as she searched for a way to emerge from grief.

Hodder called it "an astonishing story, perfectly told" that will "stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page".

Dean said: "I always talked about writing a book 'one day'. Just like I always talked about getting a dog 'one day'. But it took the worst of times for me to finally get off my butt and do both of those things. I wanted to share my story with anyone who has ever felt a bit different. Anyone who knows what it’s like to lose someone they love. And anyone who’s been helped through a bad day by watching a dog being utterly silly.  Sometimes saviours come in unexpected forms – and mine just happened to be a miniature Chewbacca with a terrible snore."

Webb added: "I knew as soon as I met Emily, having read her incredibly honest, moving piece in The Times about losing her sister Rachael and the healing role of her dog, that she would write a very special book. And she has. Emily is that rare writer who can make you laugh as well as cry. Hers is an astonishing phoenix story and by the end we will all be wanting our very own adorable dog called Ray."