'Heart-pounding' debut The Hunter to Headline

'Heart-pounding' debut The Hunter to Headline

Headline has acquired a suspenseful and "stylishly slick" action-packed debut, The Hunter by Andrew Reid.

Editorial director Toby Jones, who acquired UK and Commonwealth rights in the book from Juliet Mushens at Caskie Mushens, called it "a widescreen, heart-pounding ride – an explosive combination of plot, pyrotechnics and punch-ups – that has all the sensory thrills of a billion-dollar Hollywood blockbuster".

He added: "Andrew’s stylishly slick writing has a gleam and polish that appears effortlessly cool on the page." 

The book's plot sees mixed martial arts champion Cameron King have her life upended when brother Nate deliberately crashes the car they’re both travelling in. When she regains consciousness, Nate has vanished without trace – leaving her with a ruined career, a reconstructed body and the burning question, why? Sucking Cameron into a nightmarish conspiracy, she must rely on her warrior training to battle her way to the truth.

Reid, who has worked as a research scientist for almost a decade, said he couldn't wait to introduce his "hard-as-nail" heroine to readers. "I am massively excited to be working with Headline. They have an amazing reputation and to join the ranks of their authors is an honour," he added.

Mushens said: "From the gripping opening set-piece right the way through to the final page, The Hunter is a masterclass in suspense and action."

Headline will publish in trade paperback in July 2018 with a paperback to follow later in the year.