Subscription service to highlight under-represented voices

Subscription service to highlight under-represented voices

Heady Mix, a book subscription service focusing on under-represented authors and protagonists, has launched.

The bi-monthly project began today (Monday 12th August) with first collection “Loud Silence”, exploring the diverse experiences of people from the deaf community.

Each collection contains two works of fiction written by, or about, marginalised voices, including women, those from BAME or LGBTQI+ backgrounds and people with disabilities. It also includes one specially curated anthology, printed exclusively by Heady Mix, containing long-form essays, short stories and flash fiction from at least three additional authors.

Justina Cruickshank, founder and chief curator, said: "Readers who are tired of seeing stories from one very small segment of our multi-cultured world will now be able to peek into the lives of an array of different protagonists from a cross-section of society.

“I also wanted to encourage everyday people who feel there are inequalities and injustices in the world, that may have searched for an answer on how to make a difference but may also have felt intimidated to do this alone. Not only this, but I want to encourage more people to read from a diverse range of authors about protagonists that are in under-represented groups."

Alongside the book boxes, a digital platform with exclusive content will be available to members where they can access bonus material from at least one of the authors featured in the main collection, plus other writers, artists, creatives and commentators discussing topics and viewpoints sparked from the initial works. 

Future themes will cover black history and the experiences of refugees.

Cruickshank said: “With the publication of an inclusive anthology and a digital platform to further stoke the fire for discussion and engagement, we aim to create a Heady Mix community. I hope that by celebrating diversity and championing these writers we are able to inspire future storytellers."