Headline signs 'love letter' to inspirational women

Headline signs 'love letter' to inspirational women

Headline Home has acquired She, a "love letter" to inspirational women "who have thrown out the rulebook and threatened the status quo".

Former Headline commissioning editor Christina Demosthenous acquired world rights to the title which is written by Harriet Hall and illustrated by Alice Skinner. Demosthenous is now commissioning editor at Bookouture.

From fashion icon Coco Chanel to Queen Cleopatra, from Jane Austen to trailblazer Michelle Obama and from activist Malala Yousafzai to Beyoncé, She honours 100 "truly renegade" women, from history through to present day.

A spokesperson for Headline Home said: "Harriet is a brilliant writer and a fierce feminist, and the perfect person to write this book. It is a mammoth task to distil the achievements of women throughout the centuries into such a compact form and she has tackled the challenge expertly.

"The resulting book, beautifully illustrated with line drawings by Alice Skinner, is a fascinating collection of renegade women, from history through to present day, a celebration of womanhood, feminist icons and the unsung heroes that history may have buried or forgotten – but that truly deserved to be revered."

Harriet Hall said: "I’ve been a feminist for as long as I can remember and I’ve been dismayed at the lack of acknowledgement of female achievement for even longer than that. We could spend the rest of time shouting about women’s triumphs and still not balance the scales. I could not be prouder that Headline have chosen me to present She, which celebrates some of the truly remarkable women that have built and enhanced our world.

"Every woman in this book has broken down barriers, smashed glass ceilings and laid the foundations for those that have followed and I am thrilled to be able to toast their achievements and ensure that their contributions will never be lost to history again."

She will publish on the 8th March 2018.