Headline signs Colfer's first adult fiction title

<p>Headline has acquired Eoin Colfer&#39;s first foray into adult fiction, a noir crime-thriller entitled <em>Plugged</em>, for publication next year. Marion Donaldson bought British Commonwealth rights for an undisclosed sum, in a deal conducted by Sophie Hicks at Ed Victor. The deal was completed yesterday afternoon (9th June). The deal does not affect Colfer&#39;s ongoing relationship with Penguin, which publishes his children&#39;s books. </p><p>Donaldson said: &quot;[Writing for adults] was just something he decided to have a go at, and he has done it completely brilliantly. We were very keen right from the start, as everyone is such a huge fan of his children&#39;s series Artemis Fowl. Obviously, this is intended for the adult market - there is a certain amount of violence in it - but you can still hear his voice in it, and people who have grown up on Artemis Fowl will be drawn to it. It&#39;s very different [to his children&#39;s books], but it has that tone.&quot;</p><p><em>Plugged </em>is set in New York and New Jersey, and the main character is an Irish man &quot;who lives just this side of the law but gets embroiled in things outside of the law&quot;, Donaldson said. </p><p>It will be a lead title for Headline next year, with a paperback to follow later in the year or 2012, she added. Although the deal is just for one book, Donaldson said the team &quot;would hope he would write more&quot;. She added: &quot;We would love to see him continue with the character, although there is no commitment to write more books - we are just very excited to have one.&quot; </p>