Headline signs Bake Off star Whaite

Headline signs Bake Off star Whaite

Headline is gearing up to take a greater slice of the cookery market pie as it plans to build a bigger food list and acquire young, up-and-coming culinary stars.

Deputy publishing director Sarah Emsley is spearheading the plans to give the cookery list a lift, acquiring two books by the winner of this year's "Great British Bake Off", John Whaite. Nine publishers met with Whaite, with each baking him a cake-Headline went for a chocolate cake. The first title, John Whaite Bakes Recipes for Every Day and Every Mood, will be released in hardback on 25th April 2013.

Emsley said: "With 'Bake Off' contestants, it's important to get the book out before the next series begins, and keep the momentum. It was really impressive how John really engaged on Twitter and with fans as soon as he won the competition. He really bakes for comfort-the book is about how in his life he finds things to bake no matter how he is feeling. It'll be in sections such as what to bake when you are in love, when you are happy, and so on."

Other plans for growing the list involve Curry Memoirs by Ivor Peters, a chef originally from Pakistan who specialises in Indian food and blogs under the name Urban Rajah, to be published in May 2013. Emsley said the title was "really evocative" and that Peters was "a brilliant, charismatic writer".

She said: "Cookery is a huge area of growth, and we are aiming at building the list with cookery writers that offer a lot of potential and something beyond the usual, with a bit of personality too." She said standing out from the raft of cookery titles was a challenge, but that spring was a good time for new talent to break through.

Emsley has also signed two further titles by the Baker Brothers, following the success of the pair's debut, with Fabulous Baker Brothers: Baking for Britain to come in January 2013. Headline will also be reissuing its Mary Berry Christmas title, Mary Berry's Christmas Collection, in autumn 2013, with all new photography. Emsley said of the baking queen: "Mary is going from strength to strength. It's not all new talent, we are starting from a strong base."