Headline to help readers get back their Va Va Voom

Headline to help readers get back their Va Va Voom

Headline Home has acquired a new diet book, Va Va Voom: the 10-day energy diet, from nutritional therapist Jackie Lynch.

Claiming to offer readers a practical solution to feeling "tired all the time", it concentrates on diet and lifestyle as key culprits to give readers back their "Va Va Voom" in just 10 days.

Publisher Muna Reyal bought World English language rights on exclusive from Barbara Levy at the Barbara Levy Literary Agency, to publish on 28th December 2017.

Lynch does this by first asking reader to take simple nutritional quizzes to work out "what sort of tired" they are, and then which "energy boosters" to focus on and which "robbers" to avoid. And at the heart of the book is the author's "Va Va Voom 10-day energiser plan", which offers recipes, a shopping list and easy-to-follow meal plans and recommended lifestyle changes. Once readers have re-booted your energy levels, there is also a "maintenance plan" with a more flexible and sustainable approach for the long term.

Reyal said: "Whatever kind of tired you are, everyone needs a bit of Va Va Voom in their lives. Every time I talk about this book, the response is immediate: ‘I need this book’. Certainly I’ve changed my breakfast habits following Jackie’s sound, but gentle advice, and I now power through my morning meetings and emails."

Lynch added: "I see so many people in my nutrition clinic who struggle with low energy, so I’m thrilled to be working with the team at Headline to get the Va Va Voom message out to a wider audience. No weird food, no radical regimes – the Va Va Voom plan uses everyday foods, offers practical advice and provides simple, practical lifestyle tips to help you cruise through your day."