Headline bags McKay's Scotland Yard Puzzle Book

Headline bags McKay's Scotland Yard Puzzle Book

Headline has bagged Sinclair McKay’s follow-up to Bletchley Park Brainteasers, this time taking readers through the most puzzling problems Met Police detectives have ever faced.

Published as a trade paperback in October, The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book takes a look through the history of this famous institution and recreates difficult cases.

The synopsis explains: “How can a man be in two places at once? Can an entire crime be solved with just a suitcase of empty beer bottles? Since it opened its doors in 1829, Scotland Yard has used the science of detection to solve the most macabre of murders and catch the most audacious of thieves. The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book features real examination papers given to prospective detectives found by McKay in the Scotland Yard archives and the National Archives.”

Publishing director Sarah Emsley, who acquired world rights from Anna Power at Johnson & Alcock, said: “Sinclair has created another fascinating and entertaining puzzle book, packed full of mental agility tests, riddles, stories and enigmas that challenged the detectives of Scotland Yard throughout the years. We are thrilled to be continuing to work with our puzzling mastermind.”

McKay, whose previous book was also published by Headline and has sold more than 172,000 copies through Nielsen, said: "The very words ‘Scotland Yard’ have special resonance for puzzle fans the world over: it is, after all, an institution devoted to dazzling detecting ingenuity. The real-life stories of its sleuths and the extraordinary crimes that they solved across the decades – from diabolically clever jewel thefts to creepy Victorian country house murders – are an inspiration to anyone who loves to get their teeth into serious enigmas and conundrums. The vaults of Scotland Yard also contain a wealth of historical detective tests against which you can now apply your own magnifying glass skills.” 

Headline has already sold US rights to Black Dog & Leventhal, part of the Hachette Book Group.