Headline signs 'viral gardening grandad' Stratford

Headline signs 'viral gardening grandad' Stratford

Headline Publishing Group will publish Big Veg by Gerald Stratford, who became an unlikely online star after gaining over 280,000 followers on Twitter for his posts about gardening and growing big vegetables. 

Big Veg is billed as a "funny, charming and handy book about growing veg" and will be illustrated with photos of 72-year-old Stratford and his garden. The book will include a month-by-month guide to sowing, planting and harvesting veg and tips on how to "supersize" them.

Fiona Crosby, senior commissioning editor, acquired world rights directly from the author, with publication slated for 2nd September 2021. 

Crosby said: "Gerald is a very authentic star: he never expected to gain a quarter of a million fans just by sharing his hobby, but it’s easy to see why he has: his enthusiasm and gentle humour is completely infectious. Gerald is passionate about helping others to discover the joy of growing veg and his book makes the perfect companion, full of encouragement and grandfatherly wisdom."

Stratford commented: "I had a dream when I was younger that one day I’d write and publish a book, but now in my ‘more mature’ days I am thrilled to have been able to write about my love of gardening and how I do it. It’s not always the experts’ way but it works for me! I really hope it inspires other people to have a go."