'The Receipts Podcast' hosts bring 'ultimate guide for Millennial women' to Headline

'The Receipts Podcast' hosts bring 'ultimate guide for Millennial women' to Headline

Headline will publish Keep the Receipts by the presenters of "The Receipts Podcast", Tolani Shoneye, Audrey Indome and Milena Sanchez. 

Katie Packer, commissioning editor, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Kat Buckle at Curtis Brown. 

Described as the "ultimate guide for Millennial women", the synopsis for Keep the Receipts reads: "Join your girl Tolly T, Audrey, formerly known as Ghana's Finest, and your mamacita Milena Sanchez as they get super honest about their life experiences and lessons. From their different approaches to love to their wise advice on building strong friendships; from those conversations about sex we never have, to how to enjoy life as a black woman or a woman of colour, 'The Receipts' girls always keep it real, authentic and fiercely funny."

Packer said: "'The Receipts Podcast' has been a number one listen for so many women over the last three years. Tolani, Audrey and Milena have the power to pull you in, give you some honest (no holding back) advice and make you feel like the most incredible bad b in the world. This book is for all women who are just trying to do their best, but messing up along the way."

The authors commented: "'The Receipts Podcast' book is so exciting to us, to think we have gone from just three girls talking on the mic, to writing a book is just insane. Finally, our families can believe we actually have real jobs. For us, this book will be our experiences, including the good, the bad, the ugly and the funnies. We hope it's the all in one guide (feels a little blasphemous to say bible, considering we will get nasty) for women trying to figure out life and hopefully, it keeps them all company."

Keep the Receipts will be published in hardback on 8th July 2021