Headline acquires new Harkness from PRH

Headline acquires new Harkness from PRH

Headline has acquired a new novel by Deborah Harkness in a deal struck with Penguin Random House.

Mari Evans, deputy managing director at Headline, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to The Serpent’s Mirror through Hal Fessenden at Penguin Random House.

Harkness is the creator of the bestselling All Souls Trilogy and her new book, The Serpent’s Mirror, “explores and extends” the world the series is based on. The book is said to be an “alternative history” of the life of Elizabeth I, seen through “the prism of her heroes”, Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont.

Mari Evans said: “Deborah Harkness is an author with a unique imagination who sits at the heart of Headline. The outstanding quality of her writing and her extraordinary talent for world building inspires new levels of creativity in the team and we always strive to push the boundaries of our publishing with her novels...The concept underpinning The Serpent’s Mirror is terrific and we can’t wait to start work in earnest.”

Harkness said: “I’m absolutely delighted that Headline will be publishing our further adventures in the All Souls world. The characters and places featured in the books have special resonance in their markets, and the Headline team has gone—and will continue to go—from strength to strength in bringing them to the attention of readers. I look forward with great excitement to seeing their vision for The Serpent’s Mirror.”

Headline also acquired an illustrated companion volume to accompany the All Souls Trilogy from Penguin Random House and intends to publish The Serpent’s Mirror in hardcover in 2017.