Headline to publish debut novel from comedian Miles Jupp

Headline to publish debut novel from comedian Miles Jupp

Headline Publishing will publish History, the debut novel from actor and comedian Miles Jupp, which will follow the year in the life of a teacher whose life is slowly starting to unravel. 

The synopsis for History reads: "The private school Clive teaches at is consuming his life, no thanks to wretched headteacher Julian Crouch. The gentle country life Clive envisaged has stifled him and left his marriage on the brink. What he needs is a holiday – something to remind him and Helen what life used to be like. But when things don't go to plan, and an incident at school begins to weigh heavy on his head, Clive's life starts to unravel in front of him. Has he got it in him to turn things around, whatever the cost? After all, it's his own time he's wasting..."

Headline has world rights in History, acquired in a three-book deal brokered between commissioning editor Richard Roper and Molly Wansell at 42 Management in 2016. Headline published the first title in the deal Egg and Soldiers: A Childhood Memoir (With Postcards from the Present) in 2017. 

Roper said: "This is everything you would want in a Miles Jupp novel. Funny and relatable, but with real bite, a protagonist in Clive who is supremely talented in doing and saying the wrong thing at nearly every turn, some wonderful comic set pieces, and a truly wonderful cast of supporting characters. I can’t wait for readers to get their hands on it."

Jupp said: "I know the form book dictates that I should say something about how excited I am that people will finally get to read this book. I am excited, of course, but the reality is that publishing a novel that you’ve been working hard on for some time is also incredibly anxiety-inducing. Anyway, it’s happening. So that’s that. And I very much hope that people enjoy it."

History will be published in August 2021.