Head of Zeus signs five psychological thrillers from Germany's Fitzek

Head of Zeus signs five psychological thrillers from Germany's Fitzek

Head of Zeus has acquired five psychological thrillers from bestselling German author Sebastian Fitzek. 

The first book, The Package, will be published in hardback and e-book on 12th November 2020. The next three books, Passenger 23, Seat 7A and The Soul Breaker will follow in February, May and August 2021 respectively, with a fifth unconfirmed title to follow. The books will be translated by Jamie Bulloch.

According to the publisher, all of Fitzek's books since his debut in 2006 have been in Der Spiegel's top 10, with the author selling over 12 million copies in total. 

Head of Zeus c.e.o Nicolas Cheetham has acquired world English rights from Tanja Howarth on behalf of Roman Hocke at AVA International and Droemer Knaur.

Cheetham said: "Fitzek is a phenomenon. He’s a manipulator. A trickster. A master of mind games. A boundary pusher. A page-turner. His unique brand of extreme psychological thrillers have earned him a huge European fanbase. We’re delighted to unleash him on an English-speaking audience and have prepared a major marketing campaign to do just that. Prepare to be blindsided, terrified, but above all, entertained."

Fitzek said: "Just like my books, the modus operandi of the fantastic team at Head of Zeus is anything but normal. I am only too aware that in the English-speaking world, which is spoiled by a wealth of thriller writers, nobody is waiting to read a Berlin writer of psychological thrillers, no matter how successful they may be back home. When you think of Germany I imagine that terms such as ‘high-octane’, ‘up-all-night reading’, ‘twists’ or ‘page-turners’ are not the first that come to mind.

"But perhaps you readers are as intrepid as my adventurous publisher Nic Cheetham, and will give me a try–even though I come from Germany  (although, to be honest, my home city of Berlin can’t be equated with Germany). I’m almost certain that you’re in for a surprise. And anyway, you don’t have to copy Head of Zeus and buy five of my books in one go."