Head of Zeus scoops Gilman contemporary thriller in two-book deal

Head of Zeus scoops Gilman contemporary thriller in two-book deal

Head of Zeus has scooped a contemporary thriller from Master of War series author David Gilman in a two-book deal.

Chief executive officer Nicolas Cheetham acquired UK & Commonwealth rights to the two thrillers from Isobel Dixon, head of books at Blake Friedmann.

The Englishman, released on 9th July, follows ex-Foreign Legion protagonist Dan Raglan "from the arid deserts of Africa, to the bleak streets and back-alleys of south London, and beyond to the underbelly of Moscow and the icy grip of an arctic prison camp."

Cheetham said: "Building on the success of David’s historical thriller Night Flight to Paris (Head of Zeus), this is a Kolymsky Heights-class novel which will be our star title for July 2020 – a quest for revenge that leads to the permafrost desolation of a Siberian penal colony. A place that holds Russia's most brutal murderers. How will our hero get in? More importantly, how will he get out?"

Gilman, a former paratrooper, Penguin South Africa marketing manager and "Touch of Frost" screenwriter, is best known for his 100 Years' War-set Master of War series, which its publisher Head of Zeus says has sold around 400,000 copies in English. The sixth title in the series, Cross of Fire, is published in the UK on 6th February 2020 and Gilman is currently completing the seventh. 

He said: "Many years ago I met some French Foreign Legionnaires and was fascinated by them. Then, while completing a Master of War title, Raglan knocked firmly on my door and wouldn’t go away. I realised this intriguing, intelligent, highly trained and fallible ex-Legionnaire with a strong moral code would be a valuable asset in any situation in which I placed him, stepping from the shadows and into danger when governments need him – someone who does not officially exist. I’m very glad my publisher Nic Cheetham of Head of Zeus let him in too."

Dixon added: "Fans already eagerly await the next appearance of Thomas Blackstone in every Master of War title, and now they have a fantastic contemporary treat in store as well, with the arrival of Dan Raglan on the scene. An arrival that is guaranteed to cause a stir. I’m delighted that Head of Zeus will be introducing readers to David Gilman’s unforgettable hero in The Englishman this year."