Head of Zeus buys Pinsker's post-pandemic debut novel

Head of Zeus buys Pinsker's post-pandemic debut novel

Head of Zeus will publish A Song for a New Day by Sarah Pinsker, a debut set in a post-pandemic world. 

Nicolas Cheetham, c.e.o, acquired UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Rachel Clements at Abner Stein Associates on behalf of Kim-Mei Kirtland at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. The title, published last year by Penguin Random House in the US, will be published on 20th August 2020 in hardback and e-book. 

A Song for a New Day explores life in a permanently locked-down world in the aftermath of a pandemic. Public gatherings are illegal and concerts impossible, except for those willing to break the law for the love of music and human connection.

Cheetham said: "Reality seldom catches up with science fiction like it has here. Faced with our own lockdown, and left wondering about C-19’s long-term effects, Pinsker's novel is an uncannily prescient glimpse into a world shattered and the strange place it has been rebuilt into. Intelligent, international science fiction is an integral part of Head of Zeus’ publishing, so we are delighted to have this opportunity to add Sarah Pinsker to the list."

Head of Zeus also acquired Pinsker’s collection of short stories, Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea, which was published in the US by Small Beer Press in 2019, and her second novel We Are Satellites. Both titles will be published by Head of Zeus in 2021.