HC US 'to return to full agency' on e-books

HC US 'to return to full agency' on e-books

HarperCollins in the US is preparing to return to a full agency model for e-book sales next week, according to a report on Publishers Lunch.

The site reports that multiple retailers have been made aware that HarperCollins will change its terms as of 14th April, requiring all of its e-books to be sold at its listed consumer price, without any discounts. 

Publishers Lunch said that the notice given by HarperCollins to retailers is an "interim" measure, in advance of more permanent agency contracts, implying that either HarperCollins is entering a new terms agreement with Amazon, or is preparing to face a terms standoff with the online retailer.

The news follows a story in Business Insider last week which indicated that HarperCollins was declining to agree to new terms with Amazon, even though it had been offered the same arrangements that had been accepted by Hachette Book Group, Simon & Schuster Inc and Macmillan US. The story, based on an anonymous source, said that HarperCollins books would cease to be available on Amazon if an agreement was not made and the present contract expired.

HarperCollins declined to comment on the story to The Bookseller