HC signs MacBride for four-book deal

<p>Logan McRae&#39;s sleuthing in the Granite City of Aberdeen will continue into the next decade as HarperCollins has signed a new four-book deal with author Stuart MacBride.</p><p>Deputy publishing director Sarah Hodgson signed the deal with Philip Patterson of Marjacq Scripts. Two of the books will continue the Logan McRae series and the remaining two books are likely to be standalone thrillers. HarperCollins will publish the fifth McRae novel, <em>Blind Eye</em>, next month which MacBride will be promoting on a four-week tour across the UK.</p><p>The sixth McRae book, already under contract, will follow in 2010. The newly acquired books are projected to be published once a year then from 2011. Hodgson said: &quot;This new deal means that we can make long-term plans for the future growth of his career in a structured and sustainable way.&quot;</p><p>HarperCollins will also publish MacBride&#39;s first science fiction title, <em>Halfhead</em>, through its&nbsp; Voyager imprint in October as a trade paperback. This will be written under the name Stuart B MacBride.</p>