HC to publish final Michael Crichton title this November

HC to publish final Michael Crichton title this November

HarperCollins will publish this November the novel Michael Crichton was working on when he died in 2008.

Described as a "high-concept thriller in the vein of Jurassic Park", Micro is co-written by Richard Preston. It follows a group of graduate students hired to work for a mysterious biotech company specialising in micro-robotics.

The publisher said: "Conflict with the head of the company leaves the group fighting for their lives when they find themselves physically transformed and cast out into the rainforest, with only their scientific expertise and wits to protect them."

Crichton had written the first third of the novel when he died in 2008 and left behind an outline and cast of characters. The author's estate chose Preston, a suspense author and writer of narrative non-fiction, to finish the book.

Julia Wisdom, publisher for crime and thrillers at HarperCollins, said: "Starting with a brilliant Crichton-esque concept and a substantial amount of early material, Richard Preston has taken Crichton's ideas and characters and woven them into a terrific page-turner. This unique collaboration should delight Crichton's legions of fans around the world."

Lynn Nesbit, Crichton's agent, said: "Michael was exhilarated by his concept for this novel. He felt he was breaking new ground by introducing his readers to a fascinating, almost unimaginable landscape with real scientific underpinnings. Once again he was ahead of the curve."

The book will be published on 22nd November 2011.