HC pre-empts Ogabi's 'definitive' guide for women starting a business

HC pre-empts Ogabi's 'definitive' guide for women starting a business

HarperCollins has pre-empted UK and Commonwealth rights for Side Hustle in Progress: A Practical Guide to Kickstarting Your Business from career and entrepreneurship company founder Elizabeth Ogabi. 

Assistant editor Omara Elling-Hwang struck the deal for Harper Non-Fiction with Juliet Pickering at the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency. 

The guide is aimed at women looking to start their own business, and at supporting them through the process. The synopsis explains: "It’s currently estimated that 40% of UK workers have a side hustle and with this number set to grow each year, Elizabeth Ogabi has delivered a practical and easily accessible guide for anybody who has a business idea but doesn’t know where to begin. Research shows that it is currently more popular among men than women (30% men versus 21% women), despite more women desiring to start their own, and Elizabeth is on a mission to support women bringing their ideas to life.

"Side Hustle in Progress aims to break down the seemingly overwhelming process. Packed full of definitive advice, inspiration and case studies, readers will learn how to start their own side hustle, while also finding fresh ideas to help them feel empowered and excited about their future."

Ogabi has co-founded businesses and worked as a digital and communications consultant for the past 12 years. She is also the founder of digital media career and entrepreneurship platform For Working Ladies, focused on "equipping women with the information and tools they need to have a successful career, whether that’s starting a side hustle, breaking through the corporate glass ceiling or pursuing full-time entrepreneurship — the ultimate goal is to help women live the life they desire. This is all done via workshops, panel discussions, podcasts, coaching and digital resources."

Commenting on the pre-empt, Ogabi said: "I am extremely excited to have my first book published with HarperCollins and couldn’t think of a better publisher to partner with. This is a guide I wish I had when I started out with businesses ideas and I’m truly looking forward to seeing more women bring their ideas to life with the support and advice Side Hustle in Progress provides from myself and other female entrepreneurs.

Elling-Hwang said: "Elizabeth’s personal enthusiasm for inspiring and empowering entrepreneurial women shines through and I am so excited to be working with her on this book. The pandemic has meant that people have started re-evaluating their lives and their work but starting a business is often very overwhelming! Elizabeth is a knowledgeable, passionate guide and Side Hustle in Progress is a really practical handbook to help motivate people to make it happen."

The book will be published in summer 2021.