HC enhances Game of Thrones

HC enhances Game of Thrones

HarperCollins has announced publication of an enhanced e-book of bestseller Game of Thrones by George R R Martin.

The new £6.99 edition features an interactive map tracking the locations of characters throughout the novel, plus two new maps with detailed renderings of the novel's capital city King's Landing and giant wall defence, The Wall. There is also a hyperlinked glossary allowing readers to look up character details and family lineage, and audio clips with actor Roy Dotrice reading.

The interactive edition is powered by GestureKit, a proprietory coding framework developed by HarperCollins in conjunction with Mark Griffiths of The Bespoke Pixel.

HC digital project manager Sam Hancock said the augmented e-book "perfectly complements Martin's multifarious and engaging plot", adding: "GestureKit opens up all sorts of possibilities for exciting editions, and it seemed only right that George should be the first benefactor of this new technology."

The interactive edition is available from Apple's iBookstore, with parallel editions including the new mapping, hyperlinks and audio extracts available across other e-book retail outlets.

Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, of which A Game of Thrones is the first instalment, has sold over 340,000 copies in e-book format in 2011, HC said. Over 1.2m copies in total, across physical and digital editions, have been sold in the UK according to the publisher.