HC buys self-published self-help hit

HC buys self-published self-help hit

HarperCollins has bought the rights to the hit self-published self-help book How To Do Everything And Be Happy by Peter Jones.

After two years of marriage, Jones’ wife died in his arms, and the book was a result of his attempt to re-find happiness in his life by filling it with things he enjoyed. Since it was placed on Amazon, it has remained among the top-selling self-help e-books alongside more established authors.

World rights were bought by publishing director for Harper Non-Fiction Natalie Jerome, from Becky Bagnell at the Lindsay Literary Agency. It will be released as an e-book on September 13th, before being published in a physical format on January 17th, 2013, otherwise known as “Blue Monday” and labelled as the most depressing day of the year.

Natalie Jerome said: “Peter’s story and reasons for writing a self help book, though heartbreaking are incredibly inspiring, he has taken his own life by the scruff of the neck and is now on a mission to spread happiness and teach everyone how it is within reach. With little PR he has already built an incredible following and we’re looking forward to establishing him as one of the key authors in the genre.”

Peter Jones said: “I never set out to write a self-help book. I just wanted to be happy, all the time, not just occasionally. And so I decided to tackle the problem in the only way I know – by making plans, and lists, and taking control of my own destiny.”