HC breathes new life into out-of-print titles

<p>HarperCollins has brought 98 titles from its New Naturalists series back into print with a new print-on-demand service.</p><p>New Naturalists, published under the Collins imprint, has been running for more than 60 years and its 111th title, <em>Dartmoor</em> by Ian Mercer, is to be released on 17th September.</p><p>Previously, books in the series had a limited print run&mdash;approxi&shy;mately 5,000 copies of each title were released in hardback, with a further 2,000 produced in paperback. As a consequence, 98 books in the series were out of print.</p><p>However, customers can now buy new titles as well as books from the entire backlist through a print-on-demand service on www.newnaturalists.com. Martins the Printers has the digital files and can produce pre-approved text pages. The books are then printed using hand-crafted binding methods. </p><p>Four new titles in the New Naturalists series are published every year and the standard print run for these will continue, with p.o.d. stepping in once supply has been exhausted.</p><p>The move to p.o.d. will ensure supply to bookshops. Collins digi&shy;tal publisher Alex Gatrell said: &quot;The technology which now lets us print individual books in response to individual orders&mdash;print on demand&mdash;is a real breakthrough and one we recognised would be of value to the New Naturalist series.&quot;</p><p>He added: &quot;Collectors will doubtless continue to seek out first editions, but a print-on-demand copy will fill gaps and provide an edition to read and enjoy. Subject enthusiasts who want books from the series on areas that interest them, but can&#39;t afford the second-hand market, can finally own a copy at the standard hardback price of &pound;50.&quot;</p><p>Second-hand retailer AbeBooks lists prices for second-hand versions of the series from several pounds to hundreds of pounds. The most expensive book listed by the online store was a title published in 1993 called <em>Caves and Cave Life</em>, New Naturalist No 79, with a price of &pound;1,144.25.</p>