HC Australia in Keating apology

HC Australia in Keating apology

HarperCollins Australia has apologised to former Australian prime minister Paul Keating and agreed to pulp unsold copies of a book about him following a legal battle, according to the Australian press.

In Paul Keating: The Biography, author David Day said that Keating suffered from dyslexia, concealing the disorder since childhood and making him unable to undertake some of the tasks his job as prime minister required, the Australian newspaper The Age reported.

Keating maintained the allegations were false, and has now settled with HarperCollins Australia, which has also agreed to meet Keating’s legal costs and substantially amend any future editions of the book, should it be reprinted.

In a private apology seen by The Age, HarperCollins chief executive James Kellow said: "The book asserts that you suffer from dyslexia and as a result have a reading disability such that you became over reliant on the advice of Treasury officials and were incapable of reading the substantial volume of material provided to you as Treasurer and then as Prime Minister.

"Since publication, you have informed us that this is absolutely not true. HarperCollins Australia and David Day accept your statement and acknowledge that those assertions in the book are false and we withdraw them unreservedly."