Hay House bags book from Glamour's Emma Howarth

Hay House bags book from Glamour's Emma Howarth

Hay House will publish A Year of Mystical Thinking: Make Life Feel Magical Again by Glamour journalist Emma Howarth. 

Commissioning editor Emily Arbis acquired world rights from Oscar Janson-Smith at Kruger Cowne, for publication on 14th September 2021.

A Year of Mystical Thinking "demystifies the world of new-age practices which are coming back into vogue – from sound baths, crystals and spirit guides to yoga, vision boards, tarot cards and reiki". 

At the end of 2017, feeling burnt out and broken, Howarth decided to go on a year-long quest for inner peace. During her 12-month journey Howarth tried all the aforementioned spiritual practices in a bid to derive more meaning from life and to understand the world in new ways – something she achieved, says the publisher. 

Arbis commented: "Emma’s writing is entertaining and smart, and she approaches all things mystical with an infectious openness and sense of humour. I laughed out loud when reading the proposal and I’m sure spiritually curious readers will enjoy Emma’s witty reflections on her journey, paired with practical tips on how to navigate their own spiritual exploration. Emma shows us that we don’t need to fly to Italy, India or Bali to have an adventure and find inner peace – there’s plenty of magic on our doorsteps."

Howarth said: "This book was definitely born out of necessity! After a particularly stressful year, I was all set to buy a one-way ticket to peace-seeker paradise, when I remembered I had a job and a husband and two daughters who needed picking up from school. There was no way I'd be meditating up a mountain anytime soon. The obvious solution was to try and find the magic I was looking for right where I was and so A Year of Mystical Thinking began. I’m happy to say it did the trick! And even happier that my work has found its perfect home at Hay House."