Have your say about office return in Bookseller survey

Have your say about office return in Bookseller survey

As publishers start to outline plans for returning to offices later this year, The Bookseller is inviting trade staffers to fill in a survey gauging how employees feel about the moves ahead.

The online questionnaire aims to explore how confident staffers are about returning to their workplaces, main priorities and any concerns, plus finding out any changes the industry could expect to see from a move towards a hybrid model of working both from home and the office. 

This week, Hachette announced a new three-day office working policy to be phased in from June, coming fully into effect from September. The policy will affect all staff in the publisher's national offices, and Carmelite House in London. The company is running workshops for staff to ask questions, and will conduct a staff survey towards the end of the year to evaluate the changes.

Meanwhile, Bloomsbury said it is planning to ask employees to work two days a week from the office in future, as it embarks on a partial return from 21st June, the day when the government's strategy may see legal limits on social contact lifted. Nigel Newton, c.e.o., told The Bookseller the phased return is "dependent on the prevailing coronavirus situation", and he envisages staff "will work initially and in future too on a hybrid model of two days a week in the office and three days at home", with accommodation made for those who require it. 

Bonnier Books UK intends to open the doors to its new premises in Bloomsbury Square from the beginning of July, gradually phasing in a return to office working. Others are still in consultation with employees, and intend to finalise plans in the summer. 

To take part in our reseach, please fill in the survey, noting the early deadline: 3pm on Tuesday 27th April.