Scottish indie Haunt passes Kickstarter target for gothic launch

Scottish indie Haunt passes Kickstarter target for gothic launch

New Scottish indie press Haunt has passed a Kickstarter target for its first publication, an anthology of diverse gothic fiction.

Founder and ex-bookseller Rebecca Wojturksa launched an £8,000 crowdfunder for the publication of Haunted Voices: An Anthology of Scottish Gothic Storytelling last month.

By the time it closed, 258 backers had pledged £8,862 to the project. The extra money will now be put towards extra marketing and sales activities. 

The title will be released in audio, e-book and print featuring a variety of writers and archived material alongside illustrations by Zuzanna Kwiecien.

Wojturksa said: "I am exceptionally pleased that Haunt not only met the target but exceeded it - providing me with the opportunity to tell people they genuinely gave 110%.

“Kickstarters can be emotionally draining and there were moments where it felt touch and go, but the gothic community and lovers of oral storytelling came together and demonstrated that there is a demand for creepy gothic stories.”

She added: “I’m now in the process of booking the audio studio to record the audiobook version. The book in all formats will publish in mid-October and I can’t wait for it to haunt Scotland and beyond.”

Haunt will be launching the anthology at Edinburgh’s Lighthouse Bookshop and is also planning a series of events in the run up to Christmas.