Haunt launches £10k crowdfunder for new list

Haunt launches £10k crowdfunder for new list

Indie gothic press Haunt Publishing has launched a £10,000 crowdfunding campaign to promote its new list, which was delayed owing to the pandemic. 

The list will span 2021 to 2022 and includes a debut collection of Gothic poetry by Anna Cheung, a black, indigenous and people of colour anthology of Gothic fiction edited by Lauren T Davila, and a horror novel set in the wintery backdrop of the Highlands in Scotland by Joanna Corrance.

The press, founded by ex-bookseller Rebecca Wojturksa (pictured), said it was unable to publish in 2020, and saw its sales decline. Money raised through the campaign will be used to increase the number of titles released and pay authors. 

"Crowdfunding for our 2021–22 titles will allow us not only to publish but to grow our publishing output and continue to invest in incredibly talented (and very spooky) authors with the dedication and financial support they deserve," the campaign page reads. Haunt is using the platform Kickstarter, and is currently half way to reaching its goal of raising £10,000 by the end of June.

The press launched in 2019, with its first title celebrating 30 authors from Scotland in an anthology. Wojturksa said: "The overall aim of Haunt is to publish diverse and inclusive Gothic fiction. We want to show that the Gothic doesn't just haunt middle-to-upper-class manor homes, but is present in all societies and cultures."