Haslum: 'Publishing needs a start-up mentality'

Haslum: 'Publishing needs a start-up mentality'

Publishing needs to start thinking like a start-up, Faber and Faber's consumer marketing director Matt Haslum has said.

Speaking at The Bookseller's Marketing and Publicity Conference today (30th June) during a session on the consumer relationship, Haslum said that to create passionate fans publishers needed to "love what we do and translate that everywhere, create rewarding content, and place it in the right channels".

"The start-up mentality is that you need belief in what you do, and believe that you're creating something, and create a convincing narrative," said Haslum.

Publishers need to be optimistic, move quickly, and be agile, said Haslum, and be able to evolve, listen and adapt to readers. Haslum also said that publishers needed to think like "readers, consumers, publishers and retailers", and to remember that they are "part of a much larger conversation".

Publishers should look at curation as well as creation of content online, showing their passion for books and finding "brilliant, interesting content to share...[so] you become a consumer destination".

Also speaking about the consumer relationship was Ciaran Brennan, communications director of Sports Interactive, which owns the Football Manager game. With the company's audience increasingly buying Football Manager through digital channels, there is a need to speak to them online. Brennan said that he looked at Football Manager fans in circles, with those in the centre circle the most passionate, with fans interacting less as the circles became bigger. 

The aim is to bring people from outer circles, and outside the circles, closer to becoming more passionate fans, he said.