Harvill Secker signs new Kurt Wallander title

<p>Harvill Secker publishing director Liz Foley has bought Henning Mankell&#39;s first new Kurt Wallander novel for 10 years. Foley bought <em>The Troubled Man</em> from Anneli Hoier at the Leonhardt &amp; Hoier literary agency and will publish it in hardback in February 2011.</p><p><em>The Troubled Man</em> tells the story of a retired naval officer who disappears during his daily walk in a forest near Stockholm. It is described as a &quot;deeply personal&quot; case for Wallander, because the missing man is the father-in-law of Wallander&#39;s daughter Linda. Clues point back to the Cold War, and to right-wing extremist groups, said the publisher.</p><p>Mankell said: &quot;I really thought that I had written my last novel about Wallander, but then I had this distinct feeling that there was one more story to be told.&quot;</p><p>Kenneth Branagh is to reprise his TV role as Wallander, with three further novel adaptations coming in 2010.<br />&nbsp;</p>