Harvill Secker launches site for international writing

<p>The editorial team at Random House imprint Harvill Secker has started a website devoted to the discussion of international literature. </p><p>The site, <a href="www.internationalwriting.co.uk" target="_blank">www.internationalwriting.co.uk</a> will feature a blog by the editors, and guest pieces from authors, agents and publishers around the world to tell readers what is being written and read in their home countries.</p><p>Editor Rebecca Carter said: &quot;There are, of course, lots of websites that discuss international literature, but we wanted to create a space where weould talk, not only about the books we are currently acquiring and editing, but all the other ones that cross our desks. </p><p>&quot;To be an editor at Harvill Secker is to have privileged access to a huge amount of interesting information about what is being published araound the world. We wanted to share some of<br />that information, and to invite our readers to tell us about the foreign books they love, and which foreign authors they think British publishers should sign up.&quot;</p><p>The site will focus on Harvill Secker titles and include books published by other Random House imprints. However the publisher said it aimed to be as wide-ranging as possible. </p><p>Publishing director Liz Foley commented: &quot;I hope that, with user participation, it will grow and develop into a place where readers who are interested in writing from different places and cultures can share their enthusiasms.&quot; </p>