Hartwell leaves Folio Society

Hartwell leaves Folio Society

The Folio Society managing director Toby Hartwell has resigned from his role and will leave the company on 31st August "to pursue other interests".

Hartwell will not be replaced; instead the company board will take a new structure, with senior editor Tom Walker promoted to the role of editorial director, and appointed to the board, while brand director Jean-Marc Rathé will take on the role of marketing director in addition to his current responsibilities.
Hartwell joined The Folio Society as marketing director in 2010, and was promoted to managing director in November 2012.

Lord Gavron, chairman and owner of the Folio Society, said: "Toby introduced fundamental changes to our marketing, steering the change from offer led marketing to brand led marketing. He successfully introduced sales of books outside our membership and helped redefine our member benefits. In summary he helped to change the culture of the business and the way the Folio brand is viewed."

Hartwell also launched a range of initiatives including sponsorship of new literary award The Folio Prize, awarded to George Saunders earlier this year.

Hartwell said he was "sad" to leave The Folio Society after an "exhilarating" four years. "One rarely gets the chance to change the direction of a business in this way and to work with such a great publishing brand but I feel I have done everything I can to move the company in a new direction and I am now looking forward to my next challenge."

Last year Hartwell described The Folio Society as "going through the biggest change in its history", following the closure of the US office and 13 staff redundancies.