HarperVoyager signs "engaging debut fantasy" trio

<p>HarperVoyager has signed a three book deal for an &quot;engaging debut fantasy&quot; adult series by Blake Charlton. HarperVoyager deputy publishing director Sarah Hodgson bought UK and Commonwealth rights for the three titles from Caspian Dennis at Abner Stein.<br /><br />The first title is <em>Spellwright,</em> which will be published in hardback in summer 2010. The second and third books, which have not yet been given titles, will follow. </p><p>The stories follow the life of a student magician who fails to get the right spells because his spelling is so bad, causing havoc along the way.<br /><br />Hodgson said: &quot;<em>Spellwright</em> is an original and highly engaging debut fantasy set in a world where language holds extraordinary power, and an inability to spell can be deadly. </p><p>&quot;Unfortunately that is exactly the condition suffered by our hero, apprentice wizard Nicodemus Weal. Blake has drawn on his own experiences of dyslexia in creating the central character, and has built around him a thrilling fantasy adventure.&quot;<br /><br />Charlton currently attends Stanford Medical School, however he had to overcome severe dyslexia, which kept him from reading fluently until the age of 12.</p>