HarperVoyager scoops Kristoff's new series

HarperVoyager scoops Kristoff's new series

HarperVoyager will publish the new series from US author Jay Kristoff.

Natasha Bardon, publishing director, acquired the UK and Commonwealth rights to a new fantasy trilogy from Caroline Walsh at David Higham Associates on behalf of Josh Adams at Adams Literary.

Beginning with The Empire of the Vampire, the series "will take readers to a land where the sun has not risen for 27 years and vampires have taken control of the endless night, telling the story of the last disgraced member of a knightly order tasked with holding back the undead and of an urchin girl whose blood may hold the secret to defeating them".

As well as The Nevernight Chronicle, a fantasy epic inspired by ancient Rome acquired by HarperVoyager in 2016, Kristoff is the author of the ongoing post-apocalyptic LIFEL1K3 trilogy (HarperVoyager) and co-author of the science fiction trilogy The Illuminae Files (Oneworld), as well as the upcoming Aurora Rising (HarperVoyager). 

Bardon said: "This series is yet another shining example of what makes Jay so unique. His talent for making readers truly care about his characters – whom he sets against landscapes so fantastic and vividly rendered – is what makes his books instant favourites. It has been, and continues to be, a pleasure working with him. I can’t wait to see what he goes onto next."

Kristoff said: "Natasha and her team have done amazing work on The Nevernight Chronicle, and I'm overjoyed to be signing with Voyager again. I've been working on The Empire of the Vampire in one way or another for almost 10 years."