HarperPress uncovers Empire of Secrets

HarperPress has signed a book examining the role of the intelligence service during the end of the British Empire.

Editorial director Martin Redfern bought UK and Commonwealth (excluding Canada) rights at auction to Empire of Secrets by Calder Walton from Jon Elek at A P Watt. The book will be published in 2013.

Empire of Secrets will chart the exploits of special forces operations and covert propaganda campaigns in Kenya and Malaya. HarperPress said the book will contain "several shocking new discoveries, including the failure of the intelligence services to prevent the torture of prisoners during the Mau Mau rebellion, which shed fresh light on Britain’s post-war history".

Redfern said: "Calder was one of the principal researchers on Christopher Andrew’s authorised MI5 history, and with his first book he has stepped out of the shadows of intelligence history. By mining a treasure trove of recently de-classified documents he has discovered the missing link in our understanding of Britain’s end of empire, as well as revealing striking and disturbing parallels with the role of the intelligence services today. It will be a gripping read, packed with incidents straight out of a John le Carré thriller."