'Missing person' campaign from HarperFiction

'Missing person' campaign from HarperFiction

HarperFiction is bringing the traditional outdoor poster campaign "to life" this weekend by running an on- and offline marketing campaign for novel Missing, Presumed "mirroring a real-time police search in a high-profile missing person’s case".

HarperCollins has worked with Mediacom and creative agency 20ten to devise the "geo-targeted" campaign for the book, by Susie Steiner, that, set in London, Huntingdon and Cambridge, opens with the sudden disappearance of post-grad student Edith Hind. It was published in hardback with the Borough Press yesterday (25th February).

Kicking off at midday today (26th), the campaign starts at London King’s Cross, where consumers will be exposed to a "high-impact digital six sheet panel" of animated adverts promoting the book, with the messaging changing daily, charting the first 72 hours of the hunt for the book's missing character, Edith.

In addition, there are 48 digital sheets track-side along the route to Cambridge which – in referencing the Cambridgeshire Police – specifically speak to Cambridge's commuter audience.

All the campaign messaging uses: "Join the hunt at #MissingPresumed". On the hashtag, consumers will be able to follow the story "live" as it unfolds, with the timing of the tweets coinciding directly with National Rail Advertising.

In total there will be 72 hours of social media activity, on Facebook and Instagram, directly linking to the six animated sheets. The campaign has an estimated combined reach of over 20 million impacts, according to HarperCollins.

Hannah Gamon, senior marketing communications manager at HarperCollins Publishers said: "Missing, Presumed is one of our biggest launches of the spring. We wanted to work closely with Mediacom and 20ten to deliver a campaign that grabbed consumers’ attention in a targeted away, with traditional and online media working together in order to bring a real-time police search to life for consumers."